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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the money of GoFundMe Campaigns transferred?

When we have collected a certain amount is reached, Tibor Kramer will transfer it to Kenneth Twijukye who spends will use it on for the scope defined in the campaign. It is very simple and all the money is used as there is no overhead. As there is usually a transaction fee, we will wait with transfers are made when until a certain amount is raised. We mainly use Transferwise and Western Union, sometimes we also use Eversend for smaller amounts to Mobile money. The transaction cost of the transfer of the projects will be borne is paid by Tibor Kramer.

Will any of the money I donate be used for the Bunyonyi Cultural Tours?

No. It is rather the other way round. Money from the Bunyonyi Cultural Tours will is also be used for the school. This way Tourists can support the school just by visiting the Lake and doing a tour having a tour organized by Bunyonyi Cultural Tours.

What is the minimum amount I can donate for a school project?
There is no minimum amount. We are grateful for any amount you donate.

For how long do I commit to sponsor my child?
We hope that you will sponsor the child until he or she graduates from the Good Samaritan School. However, if you would like to stop the sponsorship for any reason, you can simply to do that by contacting Kenneth Twijukye.

How much information will I receive about my sponsor child?
You will receive from Kenneth Twijukye in the form of emails school reports, 2 photographs and one family news update annually. You will also receive letters within 2 months after you reply to the letter of your child.

What does the monthly sponsorship payment cover?
It covers school fees, books, lunch, medical help if required and the school uniform.

Can I sponsor more than one child?
Yes, you can sponsor as many children as you want.

Are all children of the school sponsored?

No. The parents of some of the children in the local community can afford to pay the school fees for their children. Children are sponsored if they come from very poor families or who lost one or both of their parents and have no means to pay for the education of their children. Most famlies are very poor.

Will any third party be given any information about me?
No, we will not give any of your personal information to any third party. Also, we do not have access to your bank account details as the payments are made through Transferwise o 

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