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The Good Samaritan Preparatory School was founded by Kenneth Twijukye in 2014 and it is registered at the Ministry of Education of Uganda.

Kenneth was born and raised in a village of Lake Bunyonyi and lost his father when he was 7 years old. Kenneth is dedicated to help disadvantaged children near the lake Bunyonyi and enhance their lives through education. In Uganda poverty is common. Many children have lost one or both of their parents. Most children cannot have access to education, which is not free in Uganda. Malnutrition (including undernutrition) is common

To ensure that children without a family or from very poor families have will have a better life, Kenneth founded the Good Samaritan School. Kenneth’s goal is to help children in need by providing them with education, food, a community, and guidance in order to fight poverty. At the Good Samaritan School, the children have lunch which is crucial for a more balanced and regular nutrition. 

It's goal is to help children in need by giving them a community, guidance and teaching them the material of the first and second grade in order to prepare them for the higher grades.  Kenneth started the project as a Pre-school in 2014 with 32 children and two teachers, Jacob and Macklin. Meanwhile the Good Samaritan Preschool has 5 classes, 98 children and 5 teachers and teaches first and second grade (as of December 2020). 

The Good Samaritan School does not receive any financing from the state, even though it is certified by the local authorities. Kenneth pays the teachers salaries and the school material with the help of donations and of the profits of Bunyonyi Cultural Tours,  a private, registered non-profit company, founded by Kenneth and Tibor. Through Bunyonyi Cultural Tours, Kenneth organizes tours in the area of lake Bunyonyi and even Uganda in general and uses the profits from the tours for the school. However, the profits from Bunyonyi Cultural Tours is not sufficient for all the expenses of the school (especially not times of the Covid 19 pandemic, where there are zero tourists). Kenneth’s time dedicated to the school is voluntarily.

Tibor Kramer is supporting Kenneth in this school project, by running campaigns on GoFundMe, transfering the donations to Kenneth and  by setting up this website and the one of Bunyonyi Cultural Tours and the Tripavisor site. Special Thanks go do Silke and Janet, who support this project regularly with donations and ideas for improvement  as well as to the spanish startup, who made it a mission to support us on a regular basis!

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