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Support the Good Samaritan School directly

You can support the Good Samaritan School in three ways:


Support way 1 : Visit us or tell your friends about us

The school is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi which is on the way to the famous Gorilla Reserve Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest. We finance the school through tourism - so  can take a tour with us. You can also simply share this website with your friends who want to donate or inspire those that travel to Uganda with our tour website: 


Support way 2: Donate, even small amounts are precious

As of Dec. 2020 the school has 5 classes and 98 children.  We regularly run campaigns for developing the school or helping the local community.
At the moment we have two fundraising projects
1) To re-build a classroom made of bricks that requires re-building
2) To buy food for families, that have no income during Covid 

Donate by clicking one following two GoFundMe campaigns:


Support way 3: sponsor a child

The families at the villages around the Good Samaritan School are extremley poor and most of them cannot afford education of their children. Many of the children have lost at least one of their parents. 

With only 30 euros per month a sponsor can pay for his/her sponsoring child’s education, lunch, a school uniform, books, pencils, and medication. You can choose a specific child to sponsor.

Please follow the link below for more information

Many thanks to our regular sponsors:   
the spanish startup Lullaai,.com,
Meghan Curie Yoga located in Bali,  
individual sponsors: Janet from Germany, Gudrun from Iceland, Silke from Germany, Tobias from Germany, Marine from USA and many more
Please let us know if you want to get listed as a sponsor!

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